Super Channel acquires four-part drama documentary Royal Mob, from Entertainment One | Super Channel


Super Channel acquires four-part drama documentary Royal Mob, from Entertainment One

Premieres Sunday, October 15 on Super Channel Fuse

EDMONTON (September 25, 2023) – Super Channel is pleased to announce that it has acquired the historical drama documentary Royal Mob, from Entertainment One (eOne). The four-part series will make its exclusive Canadian premiere on Super Channel Fuse on Sunday, October 15 at 8 p.m. ET, with each episode available on Super Channel On Demand the following day.

Produced by awarding-winning Nutopia, the series tells the saga of the extended royal family – dubbed by Queen Victoria “The Royal Mob” – that once ruled the whole of Europe, and how their loves, marriages and feuds triggered World War 1.

Told through the eyes of Queen Victoria’s favourite granddaughters, the four Hesse sisters – each of whom married into Europe’s royal courts – the series lifts the lid on the family tensions which set cousin against cousin and sister against sister, and saw millions plunged into the bloodiest war the world had ever known: a world in which the chink of champagne glasses and the rattle of royal jewellery gave way to the blast of bombs, war and murder.

Beyond the four Hesse sisters, the series is packed with extraordinary characters from history – the sisters’ charismatic yet scandal-ridden Uncle Bertie, their damaged and volatile Prussian cousin Willy, the ill-fated last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and cousin George, later crowned King George V. All are watched over by the ultimate puppet master, Queen Victoria played by Michele Dotrice.

Royal Mob combines scripted drama with commentary from expert historians to tell the tale of one of the most compelling, powerful yet dysfunctional families in history.