Two new factual series from Go Button Media coming to Super Channel this June | Super Channel


Two new factual series from Go Button Media coming to Super Channel this June

Mapping Disaster premieres June 21

Castle Secrets premieres June 26

EDMONTON (May 24, 2023) – Super Channel is pleased to announce two new factual series from Go Button Media are set to premiere this June. The Super Channel original series, Mapping Disaster (6x48) and Castle Secrets (8x48), are the first of several new docuseries slated to roll out on Super Channel Fuse in the coming months, as part of Super Channel’s continued partnership with Go Button Media.

Mapping Disaster premieres Wednesday, June 21 at 8 p.m. E.T with Castle Secrets debuting on Monday, June 26 at 9 p.m. ET. Both series will have episodes available to stream on Super Channel On Demand as of their premiere dates.

Mapping Disaster revisits some of the most tragic and catastrophic events humanity has faced and examines what can be learned in their aftermath. If we were to hit rewind and replay the worst disasters in history, tracking time, directions and trajectory – what would be revealed post impact? If we knew what would unfold, could we course correct and save lives? Through CGI models, captivating archival footage, historic accounts, expert interviews and analysis, the series attempts to answer these questions by dissecting disasters of the past, piece by piece, examining what went wrong, and how we can better prepare for the disasters of tomorrow. For episode descriptions, visit:

Castle Secrets takes viewers behind the walls and ramparts of some of the world's most incredible castles to reveal the secrets that lie within their walls. Around the globe, these imposing structures have stood tall against the test of time, remaining silent sentinels and guardians of ancient lives lived, mysteries and secrets. From dungeon to turret, each episode will delve into the secrets behind their design, the stories that have been buried and the treasures stored, unraveling the mysteries lying deep within these extraordinary fortresses. For episode descriptions, visit: