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    When Calls the Heart

    Season 11 On Now.

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    When Calls the Heart: The First Decade

    A special 2 hour journey to recap the unforgettable moments from the first 10 years!

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    To England, with Love

    From Los Angeles to England, rediscovering old and new loves along the way.

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    Signs of Your Heart

    Finding love and happiness amidst the chaos of single motherhood.

  • Premieres June 22 on Heart & Home

    Lost in Love

    Lost in the beauty of Turkey, with no tour bus and no directions to Istanbul.

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    Bending Light

    Unveil the groundbreaking 1922 Expedition to prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

  • Premieres June 15 on Fuse

    Influenced to Kill

    Unlocking the truth comes with a price.

  • Premieres June 22 on Fuse

    Who Killed Our Father?

    Uncovering the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

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    Seeking justice, one trembling step at a time.

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    Cold Skin

    Lost in the icy depths, where solitude meets unspeakable horrors.

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    3 Days to Kill

    Balancing the thrill of espionage with the chaos of parenthood.