Super Channel is keeping spirits merry and bright this holiday season with its annual Heart & Home Christmas programming event | Super Channel


Super Channel is keeping spirits merry and bright this holiday season with its annual Heart & Home Christmas programming event

19 festive titles new to Heart & Home, including 12 premieres

EDMONTON (October 31, 2023) – It’s that time of year again…Christmas is around the corner and there’s snow better place for Canadians to get their yearly fix of holiday flicks than Super Channel Heart & Home. This season’s holiday offering includes 19 merry movies NEW to Super Channel Heart & Home, including 12 festive films making their Canadian broadcast premieres!

The programming event gets underway on November 24 and runs through to December 31, featuring over 100 new & returning titles available live and On Demand to keep spirits merry and bright all season long. The lineup of 19 new films proudly offers 13 Canadian made features, including the Super Channel Heart & Home Original, Country Hearts Christmas from Brain Power Studios and starring pro wrestler Chris Jericho and Lainey McAuley. Other homegrown features making their Canadian broadcast premieres include An Eclectic Christmas (Super Channel Heart & Home Original), Twas the Text Before Christmas, A Royal Date for Christmas, A Christmas Blessing, Bringing Home Christmas, Christmas on the Rocks and The Holiday Swap. All holiday movies will air commercial free and will be available on Super Channel On Demand throughout the holiday season and beyond (see full schedule below for full list of all new and premiering titles).

Viewers will be treated to films starring Danica McKellar, Jill Wagner, Lori Loughlin, Jodie Sweetin, Jonathan Stoddard, James Tupper, Vivica A. Fox, Billy Baldwin and Gladys Knight, as well as fan favourite Canadian talent including Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene, Merritt Patterson, and Jayne Eastwood. In addition, Super Channel’s Teri Hart will be back this season with a full line-up of Instagram Live interviews with this season’s stars to take viewers behind the Christmas movie magic. Stay tuned for dates and featured cast coming soon to Super Channel Heart & Home’s Instagram page.

Below is listing of the linear and On Demand dates for the 19 new or premiere holiday titles coming to Super Channel Heart & Home. All movies begin at 8 p.m. ET, all titles subject to change:
(NEW = new to Super Channel Heart & Home / PREMIERE = Canadian broadcast premiere)

Fri Nov 24 (On Demand Nov 25) – Dognapped: Hound for the Holidays – PREMIERE

Starring Sara Ball, Noah Fearnley, Vivica A. Fox, Kimberly Dawn Guerrero

When an egotistical social media influencer's dog is kidnapped, her long-suffering assistant teams up with a charming local vet to find the puppy before Christmas. As the two investigate suspects, they form a romantic bond along the way.

Sat Nov 25 (On Demand Nov 26) – Country Hearts Christmas – PREMIERE (Canadian) *Super Channel Heart & Home Original*

Starring Chris Jericho, Lanie McAuley, Katerina Maria, David Pinard, Craig Strickland

It’s days until Christmas, and the Jameson Family are all off chasing their dreams. Tori and June are in Nashville recording their first album while Bones is home on the farm getting everything ready for the whole family to be together at Christmas. But when the sisters get a chance to be on a live Christmas Eve show, one that will supercharge their budding career, they are faced with a difficult decision; they could do the show and get a much-needed boost in the industry, but it means not spending a very special Christmas with their family. Added complications arise when Tori’s heart doesn’t know if she should choose an old flame or an old friend, and June is struggling with a long-distance marriage. In the end it’s remembering that family, faith and love is the answer to any big decision.

Fri Dec 1 (On Demand Dec 1) – A Prince and Pauper Christmas – PREMIERE

Starring Brittany Underwood, Jonathan Stoddard, Tom Arnold

When her down-on-his luck confidential informant in a criminal investigation suddenly goes missing, a desperate young federal agent, Sydney, recruits his doppelgänger to play his role. But her job gets even harder when she falls for the criminal's stand-in, who just happens to be a European prince visiting the states for Christmas.

Fri Dec 8 (On Demand Dec 1) – The Case of the Christmas Diamond – PREMIERE

Starring William Baldwin, Kelly Daly

Blue collar Andy is a little nervous but thrilled when she is invited to her rich friend's estate for Christmas. But when the family matriarch's multi-million-dollar gem suddenly goes missing, she finds herself accused of the theft and at the center of the investigation led by Detective Billings. With the help of a famous mystery writer, Andy must find the real culprit amid all the wealthy guests, all of whom have it out for her.

Sun Dec 10 (On Demand Dec 1) – A Brush with Christmas – NEW (Canadian)

Starring Jillian Murray, Joseph Cannata

Disheartened and struggling to find time for her art, Charlotte throws out her latest painting, only to discover that it has been anonymously submitted to the Christmas art festival.

Mon Dec 11 (On Demand Dec 1) – I’m Glad It’s Christmas – NEW (Canadian)

Starring Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene, Gladys Knight

Cora does everything to bring together Holly, a salesclerk who dreams of performing on Broadway, and Jason, a jingle writer and single father, for the town's holiday concert.

Tues Dec 12 (On Demand Dec 1) – Hotel for the Holidays – NEW (Canadian)

Starring Madelaine Petsch, Mena Massoud, Max Lloyd-Jones

Georgia is the manager of New York's most charming hotel, the Hotel Fontaine. She navigates romantic entanglements as she is caught between the hotel chef and a charming prince staying at the hotel over the holidays. In the days leading up to Christmas, the hotel's staff and eclectic guests find love, friendship, and inspiration.

Wed Dec 13 (On Demand Dec 1) – A Cozy Christmas Inn – NEW

Starring Jodie Sweetin, David O’Donnell

Real estate exec, Erika, travels to Alaska during the holidays to acquire a B&B, only to discover it's owned by her ex. Soon she is falling in love with the town and quite possibly him.

Thurs Dec 14 (On Demand Dec 1) – Christmas on Candy Cane Lane – NEW (Canadian)

Starring Andrea Barber, Dan Payne

Everyone’s getting ready for Christmas in Icicle Falls, especially on Candy Cane Lane, where holiday decorating is taken very seriously. Tilda Morrison, town cop, is looking forward to celebrating Christmas in her first house…until she discovers that she’s expected to “keep up” with the neighbors, including Ivy Donaldson, the inspiration behind the whole extravaganza. But when a third neighbor’s Christmas display disappears, Tilda and Ivy will need to put aside their past differences and get on the case.

Fri Dec 15 (On Demand Dec 1) – The Search for Secret Santa – PREMIERE

Starring Skye Coyne, Alex Trumble, Jackée Harry

Cub reporter Sofia thinks she's found a Christmas story that will save her career when she discovers a long-lost, undelivered Secret Santa gift addressed from B. to Claire.

Sat Dec 16 (On Demand Dec 1) – An Eclectic Christmas – PREMIERE (Canadian) *Super Channel Heart & Home Original*

Starring Hannah Galway, Jeremy Walmsley, Jill Frappier, Dayle McLeod

When a small-town vintage store owner leaves instructions in her will for inventory to be distributed as Christmas gifts, her out-of-town niece seeks help from a handsome local in identifying recipients from the clues provided.

Mon Dec 18 (On Demand Dec 1) – B&B Merry – NEW (Canadian)

Starring Jen Lilley, Jesse Hutch

Renowned luxury travel blogger, Tracey Moore, is invited to a Christmastime getaway in exchange for a review of a smalltown B&B. Despite her initial reservations, she finds herself wanting to help the small business… and falling for the owner’s handsome son, Graham.

Tues Dec 19 (On Demand Dec 1) – Twas the Text Before Christmas – PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Merritt Patterson, Trevor Donovan, Jayne Eastwood

Addie and Nana develop a close friendship after an accidental text message. Addie goes to visit Nana, where she meets Nana's only son James. James and Addie start to view each other differently after years of spending holidays together.

Wed Dec 20 (On Demand Dec 1) – A Royal Date For Christmas – PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Danica McKellar, Damon Runyon

Bella Sparks, owner of Bella’s Boutique, takes on a demanding new client “Stefan” to outfit for a week of high stakes meetings and events after his luggage goes missing. Stefan asks Bella to be his “official plus one” for many of the formal soirees, a request Bella accepts with good humor. Imagine Bella’s reaction when she accidentally discovers Stefan is actually Stefan William Francis Brown, the Duke of Tangford.

Thurs Dec 21 (On Demand Dec 1) – A Christmas Blessing – PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Lori Loughlin, James Tupper, Jesse Hutch
Renowned TV star Mandy Gilmore (Loughlin) says goodbye to her hit culinary series, “A World of Food”, with plans to travel the globe dining in all 142 Michelin star restaurants. Before jetting to Paris, Mandy stops in Milwaukee with the deed to her deceased aunt’s food pantry, Angel’s Fare, recently purchased by adjacent business owner, Adam Carraway (Tupper). A simple transaction. Until pantry volunteer, Otto Nessen (Hutch) reminds all that Aunt Susie’s love of cooking was truly love of feeding and inspires one more holiday feast for those who need it most.

Fri Dec 22 (On Demand Dec 1) – Bringing Christmas Home – PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Jill Wagner, Paul Greene

A professor of military history teams with an antique store owner to find the original owner of a historic WWII uniform and the love letters left in its pockets.

Sat Dec 23 (On Demand Dec 1) – Christmas on the Rocks – PREMIERE (Canadian) *Super Channel Heart & Home Original*

Starring Lyla Porter-Follows, Jon McLaren, Bukola Ayoka

When a ski lodge event manager is hurt, her twin sister pretends to be her to save an important corporate client, but things go awry when an old flame reappears and she’s still stuck pretending to be her sister.

Sun Dec 24 (On Demand Dec 1) – The Holiday Swap – PREMIERE (Canadian) *Super Channel Heart & Home Original*

Starring Alex Paxton-Beesley, Morgan David Jones, Vanessa Jackson, Kym Wyatt McKenzie

A type-A personality discovers her suitcase of electronics was accidentally switched with an identical suitcase on a plane trip. Trying to fix the mix-up, she rekindles a relationship with an old flame, but must decide whether to abandon her workaholic ways to give them a second chance.

Mon Dec 25 (On Demand Dec 1) – A Christmas…Present – NEW

Starring Candace Cameron Bure, Marc Blucas, Paul Fitzgerald

Real-estate mom Maggie Larson takes her family to spend Christmas with her brother and his daughter, who have different expectations for their holidays.