Super Channel to premiere two new original docuseries from Black Watch Entertainment | Super Channel


Super Channel to premiere two new original docuseries from Black Watch Entertainment


Finally Caught, 26-episode true crime series premieres February 17

Secrets, Lies & DNA Ties, 13-episode DNA mystery docuseries premieres March 6

EDMONTON, AB (February 7, 2023) – Super Channel is pleased to announce that two
new Super Channel original docuseries from Winnipeg’s Black Watch Entertainment are
headed to Super Channel Fuse. Finally Caught, a new 26-episode true crime docuseries
that explores cold-cases and the personal journeys of those impacted, is set to premiere
February 17 at 8 p.m. ET as part of the Friday night true crime block. Secrets, Lies &
DNA Ties
a 13-episode docuseries that follows two owners of the company DNA
Confidential as they unravel family secrets and mysteries for their clients, will make its
premiere on March 6 at 8 p.m. ET, in the channel’s Monday night docuseries block. All
episodes of both series will drop On Demand the same day as their linear premiere for
viewers to binge in their entirety.

“We are excited to partner with Black Watch on these two new compelling Super Channel
original series which we believe will be strong additions to our growing slate of docuseries”,
said Jackie Pardy, Chief Content Officer, Super Channel.

Meghan Duffy, Creator and Executive Producer for Black Watch Entertainment adds,
Secrets, Lies & DNA Ties is a show that we are all extremely proud of. It’s a very unique
and original format with a big and bright cast and stories that will make you think twice
about who you are and where you come from. This show is heartwarming, as you are
watching family members unite for the first time, while also heartbreaking, as family
members are ripped apart within seconds as the DNA test was not a match. It’s not a show
you’ll want to miss!”

When murders go cold and leave unanswered questions, killers are left to run free assuming
they've gotten away with murder. Whether it's botched investigations, lack of evidence, or
the simple fact that science was simply not evolving fast enough, these bumps along the
road demand justice for the people impacted. Finally Caught centers around helping these
stories be told highlighting the personal journeys of those affected by the crime. Each story
begins with a distinctive murder and an unsuccessful investigation. But with passing time -
new evidence comes to light, science evolves or stunning new testimony brings the case
back to life, allowing law enforcement to piece together what happened, with the killer being
Finally Caught.

For episode descriptions (26 x 60), click here.

Finally Caught is executive produced and was also created by Black Watch Entertainment’s
Meghan Duffy, with well-known lead writer and story editor Andrew Malabre leading the
creative team.

Secrets, Lies & DNA Ties is a documentary series that follows DNA detectives Ali and Carla,
and the family mysteries they solve using DNA as their secret weapon. Whether they’re
uncovering infidelity, discovering long lost relatives, or getting to the bottom of dark family
secrets, it’s all in a day’s work for these two DNA divas and their team.
For trailer and episode descriptions (13 x 60), click here.
Secrets, Lies & DNA Ties is produced by Meghan Duffy, who also co-directed the show with
series producer Nicholas Treeshin, best known for his feature film Thunderbird. The show
was written by popular Canadian writer Joel Buxton along with Andrew Malabre at the helm
for story editing. This strong Canadian team cannot wait for this show to hit the airwaves
this coming spring.