Super Channel to premiere original true-crime docuseries, Thunder: The Life and Death of Arturo Gatti | Super Channel


Super Channel to premiere original true-crime docuseries, Thunder: The Life and Death of Arturo Gatti

Debuts May 14 on Super Channel Fuse with all episodes available to stream as of May 1 on Super Channel On Demand

EDMONTON (April 25, 2023) – Super Channel is pleased to announce that the three-part true-crime docuseries, Thunder: The Life and Death of Arturo Gatti, is set to premiere on Sunday, May 14 at 9 p.m. ET on Super Channel Fuse, with all episodes available to stream via Super Channel On Demand as of May 1.

The Super Channel Original docuseries is produced by Edmonton's Adam Scorgie and Shane Fennessey of ScoreG Productions, along with co-creator, Alex Orlando. The film is written, directed, and co-created by award-winning writer/director Guillaume Carlier of Kino Sum, and edited and co-written by Pollyanna Hardwicke-Brown of Gruvpix Films.

Thunder takes a deep dive into the life and mysterious death of iconic Canadian boxer, Arturo Gatti. The documentary explores the bizarre circumstances surrounding Gatti's death in Brazil, which was officially ruled a suicide after he was found allegedly hung by the purse strap of his wife, Amanda Rodrigues. However, more than ten years later, the cloud of murder still hangs over the story. With exclusive access to a private investigation team, the documentary presents new information that the public has not yet seen. The series will touch on boxing, mental health, the dark side of the established press, and delve into confounding details like an adjusted will, allegations of suicidal behavior, and inconsistent autopsy reports that make up Gatti's story. The series promises to be a must-watch for true crime fans, boxing enthusiasts, and anyone interested in uncovering the truth behind this mysterious death.

To view the trailer for Thunder, click here.

Episode 1: “Born in Montreal” - Untangling the myths of Arturo Gatti and celebrating his explosive career. From his roots in Montreal, to his move to New Jersey. Arturo captivates
the world as a boxer with an unstoppable heart. Interviews include Micky Ward, Lou DiBella and Chuck Zito.

Episode 2: “Death by Hanging” - Arturo Gatti is found dead in Brazil. Mysteries swirl around the circumstances, and the evidence seems to point in one direction. But what really
happened? The years before Arturo's death are analyzed by friends and professionals. Something doesn't add up with the strap found near his body.

Episode 3: “Why Did Nothing Happen?” - Since Arturo's death, the media frenzy has never quite landed on one solid answer. There are key pieces of evidence that have still been unaccounted for. Who profited from his death? Who was left behind?