Super Channel is keeping spirits merry and bright this holiday season with its annual Heart & Home Christmas programming event | Super Channel


Super Channel is keeping spirits merry and bright this holiday season with its annual Heart & Home Christmas programming event

10 / 28 / 2021

November 27 to January 2

EDMONTON (Oct 28, 2021) – Christmas will soon be here and Super Channel is ready to spread some yuletide cheer with its annual Heart & Home Christmas holiday movie programming event, taking place November 27 to January 2. This season’s holiday offering includes 24 merry movies NEW to Super Channel Heart & Home, including 18 festive films making their Canadian broadcast premieres!

The lineup proudly offers 19 homegrown features, including five Canadian made titles acquired from Mindset Television slated to premiere on GAC Family in the US. The Great Christmas Switch and A Kindhearted Christmas get the holiday event underway on November 27 with back-to-back premieres, followed by A Lot Like Christmas, A Christmas Miracle for Daisy and Joy For Christmas all premiering day and date with GAC Family. In addition, viewers can look forward to the exclusive Canadian premiere of the two-episode When Hope Calls Christmas special guest starring Lori Loughlin and Daniel Lissing.

Also premiering are eight Super Channel Original productions: Secret Santa, Mistletoe & Molly and Christmas Beneath the Stars all from Breakthrough Entertainment; Christmas on 5th Avenue and Christmas With a Prince: The Royal Baby from Brain Power Studios; Christmas Movie Magic from Chesler Perlmutter; It Takes a Christmas Village from A71 Releasing; and Unperfect Christmas Wish from Defiant Empire.

“Since launching in 2018, Heart & Home Christmas has become a firmly established tradition that our viewers look forward to every year,” said Don McDonald, President and CEO, Super Channel. “With another challenging year coming to a close, we are proud to have collaborated once again with so many of our Canadian production partners to bring more brightness and joy to our viewers with this collection of festive films.”

As an added treat, Super Channel Heart & Home will be in nationwide free preview beginning November 26 and continuing right through the entire holiday season, concluding on Jan 2 (*linear channel only, check local listings for participating cable providers). All holiday movies will air commercial free and will be available on Super Channel On Demand throughout the holiday season and beyond. Super Channel is available via most cable providers across the country as well as Amazon Prime Video Channels and Apple TV+.

Overall, the schedule will include over 100 new and returning festive films as seen on GAC Family, UPtv, Lifetime, Hallmark and ION in the US.

Below is listing of the 24 holiday titles that are Canadian premieres or new to Heart & Home (all movies begin at 8 p.m. ET unless indicated otherwise, all titles subject to change):

Nov 27 – The Great Christmas Switch – CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Sarah Lind, Dillon Casey, Gabriel Darku

Identical twins Kaelynn and Sophia (Sarah Lind) are each jealous of the other’s glamorous life. But when the two switch places at Christmas, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Nov 27 (9:30 pm) - A Kindhearted Christmas CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Cameron Mathison, Jennie Garth Jamie (Jennie Garth) is the owner of a small-town sightseeing company struggling to navigate the holidays since the death of her husband. When she secretly makes a generous gift to a local charity, it draws the attention of a handsome TV anchor (Cameron Mathison), who hopes to ferret out the identity of the Secret Santa.

Nov 28 – Marry Me This Christmas CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Brandon Jay McLaren, Ryan Allen, Kareem Tristan Alleyne, Eugene Clark, Gabrielle Graham
Daniel English, a big-hearted pastor returns to his hometown church to take over for his mentor and falls for a parishioner. When she asks him, 'Will you marry me?’ - Pastor Daniel is thrilled - until he realizes she is asking him to officiate her wedding with someone else. Now, while helping the couple prepare for their wedding, Daniel, overwhelmed with guilt, is also secretly trying to break them up. Just how far will he go for true love? Directed by Megan Follows.

Dec 3 - Christmas Movie Magic CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Holly Deveaux & Drew Seeley

Sparks fly between an entertainment writer and a small-town theatre owner as they work together to unravel the mysterious origins of a classic Christmas movie song.

Dec 4 - It Takes a Christmas Village CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)
Starring Brooke Nevin, Corey Sevier, Alli Chung
When construction threatens business in a small town, the mayor decides to throw a Christmas market to boost sales. To do it, though, she'll have to convince a reclusive mill owner to host the gathering, sparking romance in the process.

Dec 5 – A Lot Like Christmas CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)
Starring Maggie Lawson, Christopher Russell
Jessica (Lawson) owns the most popular Christmas tree lot in the picturesque New England town of Hudson Springs. But when big-city marketing executive, Clay Moore (Russell) moves a big box chain store into the area and starts selling trees, Jessica finds her business in jeopardy. As their professional competition escalates, Jessica and Clay run into another complication—they start falling for each other.

Dec 10 – A Christmas Dance Reunion CANADIAN PREMIERE
Starring Corbin Bleu & Monique Coleman
Sparks fly between a successful attorney and her childhood dancing partner as she leads the charge to recreate a beloved Christmas tradition at Winterleigh Resort.

Dec 11 (9:30 pm) - A Christmas Miracle for Daisy CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)
Starring Jill Wagner, Nick Bateman
Interior designer Whitney (Wagner) gets the chance to redesign a landmark home for Christmas Eve. But then she discovers that the home’s new owner is her ex-boyfriend Connor (Bateman), who has moved to town from Los Angeles with his newly adopted goddaughter, Daisy. More than anything, Daisy wishes for a mom to complete her picture-perfect family, and no prospect is as perfect as Whitney. Tall order, but Christmas is a time for miracles.

Dec 12 – Mistletoe and Molly CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Eden Broda, Zach Smadu

Waitress and animal lover, Molly Bishop is desperate for a holiday miracle. Broke and needing major car repairs, she’s counting on a big career opportunity to come through before the holidays – without using her family’s name to get there. But when handsome cafe regular and do-gooder Aiden Ford starts to meddle in her life, Molly will have to figure out if it’s too much or just the holiday miracle she needed.

Dec 16 – Christmas on Ice

Starring Ryan Cooper, Abigail Klein

A former figure skater and a former hockey player work together to stop the mayor from closing the local skating rink.

Dec 17 – Christmas at Castlebury Hall

Starring Sam Heughan, Katie McGrath, Roger Moore

Jules Daly struggles with parenting her orphaned niece and nephew. A trip to visit the children's grandfather, a royal duke in the English countryside, makes for a magical Christmas season.

Dec 18 (6:30 pm) – Tis the Season for Love (Canadian)

Starring Sarah Lancaster, Brendan Penny, Gwynyth Walsh

A small-town girl who moved to New York to pursue her dreams returns home for the holidays, only to realize that maybe her dreams aren't miles away, but right in her hometown.

Dec 18 - When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas – CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian) *Special two-episode premiere

Starring Morgan Kohan, Ryan-James Hatanaka, Wendy Crewson. Guest starring Lori Loughlin, Daniel Lissing, Carter Ryan

A national magazine lists Brookfield as a potential to be named America’s No. 1 Country Christmas Town which reunites the magazine’s photojournalist with Maggie (Hanneke Talbot) who was once a travel writer. The town is purposely trying to show the essence of Christmas for the writer, but behind the scenes, residents aren’t really living the spirit of the season. In the middle of the fuss, a stagecoach arrives and out steps Abigail Stanton (Loughlin) and her son Cody (Ryan) who have brought a troubled boy to Lillian’s (Kohan) orphanage. Mountie Winslow (Hatanaka) does his best to help the boy but to no avail. When all hope for a joyous Christmas seems lost, a secret Santa comes to fulfill Christmas wishes, and Abigail has a profound conversation with a dear friend from the past.

Dec 19 – Joy For Christmas CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Cindy Busby, Sam Page

When her family firm’s annual Christmas toy drive is in jeopardy, Holly (Busby) must convince pro athlete Jack Kane (Page) to be the public face of the campaign to help save it. As she helps Jack rediscover the meaning of Christmas, Holly reconnects with her own family traditions. While Jack and Holly go through challenges making Christmas dreams for others come true, they discover kindred spirits in each other and the potential for the gift of romance this holiday season.

Dec 20 – Christmas in the Highlands CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Brooke Burfitt, Dan Jeanotte, Geraldine Somerville, Nicholas Farrell

A New York sales manager is sent to the remote Scottish Highlands at Christmas to acquire a limited-edition perfume from a dashing Earl preparing for his annual ball and falls in love instead.

Dec 21 – Christmas Beneath the Stars CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Madeline Foley, Steve Belford, Jayne Lewis, Vanessa Smythe, Bill Lake, Kym McKenzie

Photographer and anonymous holiday blogger Hannah Reed takes on an assignment in Alaska, at Christmas World - a rather run-down tourist destination. When the owner's son, Ben, decides to revitalize the place back to its former glory, Hannah jumps in to help,
sparking a new romance...but it's all put in jeopardy once she discovers the place is about to be bulldozed by a big developer and Ben finds out Hannah's actually there to do a review. Based on the book by Melissa Hill.

Dec 22 – Christmas in the Wilds CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Kaitlyn Leeb, Melinda Shankar, Victor Zinck Jr.

Buck and Jessica’s merry little Christmas together takes a dangerous turn when their journey through the wild turns into a battle for survival.

Dec 23 – Christmas on 5th Avenue CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Kathryn Davis, Olivier Renaud, Kate Vernon

Eve, a Christmas loving professional wish granter, takes on the task of decorating a high-end condo for a reclusive writer who is spending the holidays out of town. But when the handsome writer turns out to be home for the holidays after all, Eve will have to pull out all her tricks to make him fall in love with Christmas all over again – and maybe find romance along the way.

Dec 24 – Secret Santa CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Jennifer Gibson, Lucy Hill, Nola Martin, Brendan Murray

An ad exec with a sad Christmas past creates a campaign which suggests Santa is unnecessary, causing huge backlash. To find inspiration for a redo she volunteers at a place providing for those who can't afford Christmas and finally learns to appreciate the holiday. When footage of their events is leaked for a viral ad, she must try to win back the trust of the widower who runs the foundation or lose him.

Dec 24 (9:30 pm) – Unperfect Christmas Wish CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Ays Crocker, David Pinard, Ish Morris, Bukola Walfall, Adam Langton, Stephen Davis, Valerie Boyle

Madison O’Hara owns a busy event company where she performs as a singing elf for Christmas parties with her best friend Cooper. Her real dream is to be a singer-songwriter and to find the perfect man but things seem to be slipping away when she breaks up with her successful boyfriend Luke. But when a wise Santa suggests perhaps there’s a perfectly “Un-Perfect” match for her right before her eyes, Maddy takes a whole new look at her life and the people in it.

Dec 25 - Christmas with a Prince: The Royal Baby CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Kaitlyn Leeb, Nick Hounslow, Josh Dean, Charles Shaughnessy

Happily married and expecting their first child, Princess Tasha and Prince Alec are settling into their lives as royals with lots of love and lots of humor. When it’s announced that the Prince must set off on a Royal Tour, Tasha insists on accompanying him, even though she’s very pregnant. Things are going smoothly until a complication forces Tasha into bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Knowing that the baby must officially be born on San Saraze soil, the team must scramble to figure everything out before the royal blessing arrives.

Dec 31 – A Christmas Break (Canadian)

Starring Cindy Sampson, Steve Byers

An unexpected romance develops between a single mother and a Hollywood actor as they work together to stop a town's school from closing right before Christmas Eve.

Jan 1 – The Santa Squad (Canadian)

Starring Rebecca Dalton, Aaron Ashmore

Allie, an out of work art teacher, accepts a job with the Santa Squad to help a wealthy widower and his two precious daughters rediscover the magic of Christmas. As Allie is lifting the Holiday spirits of the family with Christmas decorations, cookies and shopping, her kindness is rewarded with the most unexpected of gifts: Love!

Jan 2 – Snowmance

Starring Ashley Newbrough, Jesse Hutch, Adam Hurtig

A true romantic finally gets her chance at the love she's always dreamed of when a little Christmas magic brings her snowman to life.