Super Channel Heart & Home Programming Highlights for December 2022 (all times are ET): | Super Channel


Super Channel Heart & Home Programming Highlights for December 2022 (all times are ET):


How I Got Here (10 x 60) – Super Channel Original Series (Canadian) – FINALE Sunday Dec 11 at 9 p.m.
Combining the intimacy of familial history and the humor of parent/child dynamics, How I Got Here is a powerfully entertaining and moving docuseries where second gen children accompany their parents back to their country of origin, to relive the sacrifice, struggle and dramatic circumstances that led to their families coming to North America. This is an emotional and transformational journey connecting people to their roots, their culture, and their family.

How I Got Here finale marathon – Sunday, Dec 11 beginning at 10:30 a.m. (9 episodes)

All movies listed below air at 8 p.m. ET and dates are for linear broadcast **All features are available streaming and On Demand as of December 1 unless indicated otherwise**
(NEW = new to Super Channel / PREMIERE = Canadian broadcast premiere)

Friday, Dec 2 – Catering Christmas (Canadian) - PREMIERE *Available streaming & On Demand Dec 3*
A fledgling caterer, Molly Frost, is hired by Jean Harrison, the perfectionistic director of the renowned Harrison Foundation, to cater this year’s annual Christmas Gala dinner. Things get complicated when Molly falls for Jean’s nephew, Carson, a photographer with no desire to take over the family’s foundation — until his aunt assigns him to the task of making sure the catered dinner goes perfectly. Starring Merritt Patterson, Daniel Lissing.

Saturday, Dec 3 – A Royal Christmas on Ice – PREMIERE *NOTE SCHEDULE CHANGE – previously scheduled Dec 10* **Available streaming & On Demand Dec 4**
Looking to escape his Royal life, a dashing prince comes to the United States to start a business in a small town in upstate New York and winds up falling for a former Olympic ice skater. Starring Anna Marie Dobbins, Jonathan Stoddard, William Baldwin.

Sunday, Dec 4 @ 7:30 p.m. – A Merry Christmas Wish – PREMIERE **Available streaming & On Demand Dec 5**
An NYC advertising executive returns to her hometown to sell the family farm, but instead reconnects with her childhood friend and gets involved with organizing the yearly Winter Wonderland, which takes place on the property. Starring Jill Wagner, Cameron Mathison.

Wednesday, Dec 7 – Christmas at Grand Valley (Canadian) - NEW
Kelly returns to her Wyoming hometown for Christmas & becomes involved in an effort to save the town's beloved lodge. In the process, she falls for the handsome widower sent to decide the fate of the lodge. Starring Danica McKellar, Brennan Elliott.

Thursday, Dec 8 – Homegrown Christmas (Canadian) - NEW
After stepping down as CEO of her dream job, Maddie heads home for the holidays to gain perspective. She runs into her high-school sweetheart Carter, and tensions quickly arise. When forced to put together a Christmas dance for the local high school, Carter and Maddie find themselves putting their differences aside and just might rediscover what made them fall in love all those years ago. Starring Lori Loughlin, Victor Webster.

Friday, Dec 9 – Sappy Holiday (Canadian) – PREMIERE - Super Channel Heart & Home Original **Available streaming and On Demand Dec 10**
When a sous chef accidentally discovers her boyfriend is going to propose to her on Christmas Eve, she begins doubting their future together; especially when a handsome maple farmer rescues her from a snowstorm. Starring Vanessa Sears, John McLaren, Brigitte Kingsley.

Saturday, Dec 10 – Baking All the Way – PREMIERE – Super Channel Heart & Home Original **Available Streaming and On Demand Dec 11** NOTE SCHEDULE CHANGE – was previously scheduled Dec 3
When Julia Wilson, an accomplished pastry chef from Chicago, heads to a small-town bakery famous for their gingerbread to complete her Christmas cookbook curated with recipes from across the country, she finds herself at odds with Kris Thompson, the bakery's charming but private owner, who is ambivalent about sharing his secret recipe. Directed by Yannick Bisson. Starring Cory Lee, Yannick Bisson, Colin Mochrie, Jayne Eastwood, Debra McGrath.

Sunday, Dec 11 @ 7:30 p.m. – Christmas at the Drive-In (Canadian) – PREMIERE **Available Streaming and On Demand Dec 12**
Sadie is starting over in her hometown of Chesterfield, New York, following a series of major life disruptions that include leaving her law practice after losing her biggest case and no longer being engaged. Despite hanging up her law hat, Sadie finds herself fighting to preserve a cherished local landmark, Chesterfield Drive-In, even though her childhood sweetheart, Holden, adamantly opposes the idea. Starring Danica McKellar, Neil Bledsoe.

Monday, Dec 12 @ 6:30 p.m. – Christmas Time is Here - NEW
Nia, a successful small-town realtor, has her heart set on closing a big sale on a new resort for her client, Julian Parsons, just in time for Christmas. Julian sets his eye on Nia's family-owned inn that is managed by her father who wants to sell and retire, but Nia can’t let go of memories of an idyllic time in life when her mom was still alive and very much a part of the resort. When Julian’s impatient boss arrives intent on getting the deal done before Christmas, Julian comes up with a magical plan for saving Nia’s family’s resort, at the risk of losing his job. Starring Rukiya Bernard, Dewshane Williams.

Tuesday, Dec 13 – Angel Falls Christmas (Canadian) - NEW
A devoted doctor with little time for the Christmas Spirit is in desperate need of an intervention from the unlikeliest of places…heaven. Starring Jessica Lowndes, Chad Michael Murray.

Wednesday, Dec 14 – Jingle Bell Christmas (Canadian) - NEW
Through a series of mishaps, sophisticated Princess Amelia is stranded in the small town of Tucker, Maine. There she becomes an “ordinary” guest of the unsuspecting Cutler family. Starring Merritt Patterson, Trevor Donovan.

Thursday, Dec 15 – Christmas is You (Canadian) - NEW
Years after Emma left her first love, Tyler, to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer, the two are reunited in their hometown for the holidays. Emma, now an assistant, must convince Tyler, now a famous popstar, to sign with her record company, while also trying to save the town’s Christmas caroling celebration. Starring Becca Tobin, Matthew MacCaull.

Friday, Dec 16 – Christmas by the Book (Canadian) – PREMIERE - Super Channel Heart & Home Original **Available streaming and On Demand Dec 17**
An author of a best-selling holiday book becomes entangled in tinsel when she and her kids are dispatched by a TV talk show to a rural town where she is given two weeks to recreate the magical childhood Christmas described in her book. Starring Lindy Booth, AnnaMaria Demara, Jamaal Grant.

Saturday, Dec 17 – Faith Heist: A Christmas Caper (Canadian)– PREMIERE – Super Channel Heart & Home Original **Available Streaming and On Demand Dec 18**
After saving their church, a pastor and his loyal congregants find themselves locked in a mall on Christmas Eve, along with a group of armed thieves trying to pull off a jewel robbery. Starring Jonathan Langdon, Sagine Semajuste, Aaron Poole, Dylan Taylor.

Sunday, Dec 18 – Christmas on Mistletoe Lake (Canadian) – PREMIERE - Super Channel Heart & Home Original **Available Streaming and On Demand Dec 19**
Interior designer Reilly finds herself this Christmas in the town of Mistletoe Lake with no place to stay. She accepts an offer from Ray to stay in his boat, helping him renovate the boat for the town's Christmas Harbor Festival. As Ray shows Reilly the timeless magic of his lake town, they can’t help but get caught up in that magic themselves. Starring Genelle Williams, Corey Sevier.

Monday, Dec 19 – Royally Wrapped for Christmas (Canadian) - NEW
Lindsay Palmer, the NY director of an international charity organization, is called to the Kingdom of Veronia by the royal family who runs the foundation to interview for the job of overseeing the whole operation. As Lindsay is put through the interview process, she ends up finding true love with the prince.
Starring Jen Lilley, Brendan Fehr.

Tuesday, Dec 20 – A Christmas Star (Canadian) - NEW
An astronomer predicts that a new meteor shower will appear over a tiny town. Can she convince the locals to help with her discovery at the expense of a Christmas tradition? Starring Sara Canning, Daniel Lissing.

Wednesday, Dec 21 – Much Ado About Christmas (US) - NEW
After Haley Lloyd has been burned by countless suitors, it's refreshing when shy but handsome Claud falls for her, unaware of her true identity: However, when that truth inevitably comes out, it puts their budding Christmas romance at risk. Starring Susie Abromeit, Torrance Coombs.

Thursday, Dec 22 – Homemade Christmas (Canadian) - NEW
Every year, Megan, an ambitious young woman uses the weeks leading up to Christmas to become the ultimate holiday freelance assistant for hire, helping with any Christmas related tasks for extra income. But when the opportunity arrives to save a Christmas party and dazzle her crush, she must choose between the man of her dreams and Mr. Right. Starring Michelle Argyris, Travis Nelson.

Friday, Dec 23 – Return to Christmas Creek (Canadian) – NEW
With Christmas approaching, a career-focused Chicago app developer returns to her small hometown to rediscover the meaning of Christmas. There she reunites with her estranged uncle and her childhood best friend, who she begins falling for. Starring Tori Anderson, Stephen Huszar, Steven Weber.