• PG
  • 87 min
  • 2024
  • USA
  • English
  • Directed by Lindsay Hartley
  • Ashley Brinkman,
  • Kyla Nova,
  • Carolla Parmejano,
  • Tryphena Wade,
  • Allen Williamson

Jess works at a struggling inn and is obsessed with popular lifestyle influencer Amanda Jane, much to Jess' boyfriend, Robbie's, annoyance. To increase business at the inn, Jess pitches to owner, Mary, that she should comp Amanda Jane a stay at the inn for a weekend in exchange for social media publicity. Jess is ecstatic when her boss agrees, and the stunt quickly brings in new customers. Jess shares her excitement with head housekeeper, Jaclyn, but Jaclyn dislikes Amanda Jane's influence on her own teen daughter. But after Amanda has a contactless checkout from the inn, her daily vlogs disappear from social media. Suspicious of foul play, Jess begins looking into Amanda Jane's disappearance not realizing that the more she uncovers, the more she''s at risk of becoming the culprit's next victim.


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    Available Streaming & On Demand Jun 01 2024 - May 31 2026


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