• PG
  • 87 min
  • 2023
  • Canada
  • English
  • Directed by Amy Force
  • Chris Jericho,
  • Lanie McAuley,
  • Michelle Nolden

As Christmas approaches in Nashville, Tori and June Jameson, talented sisters with a burgeoning music career, are faced with conflicting opportunities. While their unplugged Christmas song climbs the charts and they secure a last-minute booking for a national TV show on Christmas Eve, June yearns for a traditional family celebration. Despite the allure of career success, Tori finds herself torn between her music and her feelings for Barrett, while Luke, her devoted friend and co-songwriter, bravely expresses his love. As family struggles and personal dilemmas unfold, Bones, their father, imparts wisdom and support, ultimately reminding them of the true spirit of Christmas. Amidst heartwarming reunions and joyous melodies, the Jameson family learns the importance of prioritizing loved ones and cherishing the precious moments spent together during this special time of year.


  • Jul 08 @ 5:00PM

  • Jul 28 @ 11:00PM


    Available Streaming & On Demand Nov 26 2023 - Nov 25 2025


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