• PG
  • 44 min
  • 2021
  • Canada
  • English
  • Wendy Crewson,
  • Ryan-James Hatanaka,
  • Morgan Kohan,
  • Daniel Lissing,
  • Lori Loughlin

A national magazine lists Brookfield as a candidate for America's #1 Country Christmas Town, which reunites the magazine's photojournalist with Maggie who was once a travel writer. The town is purposely trying to show the essence of Christmas for the writer, but behind the scenes, residents aren't really living the spirit of the season. In the middle of the fuss, a stagecoach arrives and out steps Abigail Stanton and her son Cody who have brought a troubled boy to Lillian's orphanage. Mountie Gabriel does his best to help the boy but to no avail. When all hope for a joyous Christmas seems lost, a secret Santa comes to fulfill Christmas wishes, and Abigail has a profound conversation with a dear friend from the past. Part 2


  • S2 E2 Dec 08 @ 7:15PM

  • S2 E2 Dec 16 @ 7:15PM

  • S2 E2 Dec 24 @ 10:15PM

  • S2 E2 Dec 25 @ 5:45AM


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