Super Channel Fuse Programming Highlights for February 2023 (all times are ET) | Super Channel


Super Channel Fuse Programming Highlights for February 2023 (all times are ET)


Upright season 2 (8 x 30) – Season 2 finale Sunday, Feb 5 at 9 p.m. **Available On Demand Feb 6**
After escaping the commune, Lucky and Meg race back to Sydney hoping to make it in time to meet
Billie at the airport. Starring Tim Minchin and Milly Alcock (House of the Dragon).

Mondays (Docu-Mondays):
Deadly Science (6 x 44) – Super Channel Original docuseries (Canadian) – New episodes continue
Mondays at 9 pm. Series Finale Monday Feb 13. **ALL episodes available streaming and On Demand**
Throughout time, humanity has looked to innovate, explore, reach higher heights, and exceed our
abilities. But pushing limits can be dangerous... extremely. Those who rise against them set the stage for
great discovery. These are the innovators, explorers, and incredible minds that pursue progress... at any
price. These men and women risked it all to change everything. Theirs was a Deadly Science.

Fridays (true crime block):
Cruise Ship Killers season 1 (26 x 60) – Super Channel Original true crime docuseries (Canadian) – New
episodes continue - Fridays at 8 p.m. Series finale Friday Feb 10 **ALL episodes available streaming
and On Demand**

It's the best kept secret of a billion-dollar industry: Your life is at risk when you go on a cruise. Since
2011, more than 200 cruise line travelers have gone missing and are presumed dead. Many are
murdered. While some of the murders have officially been solved, questions still linger. Others remain
covered up for nefarious reasons. Cruise Ship Killers shines a light on these cases and aims to uncover
the truth of what really happens at sea.

Finally Caught season 1 (26 x 60) – Super Channel Original true crime docuseries (Canadian)
PREMIERE – Friday, Feb 17 at 8 p.m.**ALL episodes available streaming and On Demand same day**

With homicide cold cases leaving unanswered questions for the victims' loved ones, killers are able to
run free with the assumption they've gotten away with murder. Whether it's due to botched
investigations, lack of evidence, or science not evolving fast enough, these bumps along the road have
left us demanding justice for the people they've affected. In order to tell their stories, the concept of this
true crime show centers around bringing these cold cases back to life through experts and material
witnesses to ensure the killers are... Finally Caught.

Targeted For Murder season 1 (26 x 44) – Super Channel Original true crime docuseries (Canadian) –
New episodes continue – Fridays at 9 p.m. with ALL episodes available streaming and On Demand
This true crime series explores murder committed using the world's deadliest weapons: guns. Each
episode presents one story of murder by way of the gun, using gripping interviews, dramatic re-enactments and archival footage.

Friends Speak season 2 (8 x 90) – New episodes continue – Fridays at 10 p.m. Season 2 finale Fri Feb 24
**ALL episodes (seasons 1 & 2) currently available streaming and On Demand**

Each episode of Friends Speak airs as a 90 min true crime documentary and brings you the unique
perspective of the people who were friends with notorious criminals or their victims. Hear first-hand
accounts of the days leading up to, and the days after, some of the world’s most notorious crimes
including Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, Chris & Shannon Watts, Natalee Holloway and the House of Horrors
family. For episode descriptions, see Movies & Documentaries below.

Movies & Documentaries
All movies listed below air at 9 p.m. ET (unless indicated otherwise) and dates are for linear broadcast
**All features are available streaming and On Demand as of February 1 unless indicated otherwise**
(NEW = new to Super Channel / PREMIERE = Canadian broadcast premiere)

Friday, Feb 3 (10 p.m.) Friends Speak season 2 ep 5: Scott Peterson - PREMIERE (True crime,
A look is taken at the relationship of Scott Peterson and his wife Laci, from their first meeting in a bar
through a romance full of Scott’s affairs, and into a perfect “American Dream” that ended with Laci and
her unborn son dead on the beach. Hear from those that new them best.

Saturday, Feb 4 (8 p.m.) Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road - PREMIERE (Canadian, Documentary,
Join The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson on an intimate journey through his legendary career as he reminisces
with Rolling Stone editor and longtime friend, Jason Fine. Featuring a new song, 'Right Where I Belong,'
written and performed by Wilson and Jim James (My Morning Jacket), and interviews with Elton John,
Bruce Springsteen, Nick Jonas, and Taylor Hawkins. Directed by Brent Wilson.

Friday, Feb 10 (10 p.m.)Friends Speak season 2 ep 6: Bobbi Kristina Brown - PREMIERE (True crime,
Bobbi Kristina Brown followed in the macabre footsteps of her mother and was also found unconscious
in a bathtub. Family members that new her best discuss the tragic incident.

Saturday, Feb 11 Kicking Blood - PREMIERE (Canadian, Fantasy, Horror)
A vampire is inspired to kick blood and become human after she helps a charming alcoholic get clean.
The only problem: withdrawal could kill her. Starring: Alanna Bale, Luke Bilyk

Friday, Feb 17 (10 p.m.)Friends Speak season 2 episode 7: The Tiger King Disappearance - PREMIERE
(True crime, Documentary)
This episode examines the tumultuous relationship between Don Lewis and Carole Baskin, ultimately
leading to Don’s mysterious disappearance. Their larger-than-life love story became a salacious drama
with huge media attention and accusations pointing back to Carole, some claiming she may have even
fed him to tigers to get rid of him.

Saturday, Feb 18 The Last Mark - PREMIERE (Canadian, Action, Crime, Thriller)
A self-loathing and aging hitman, Keele, is tasked to kill a witness who can link him and his psychotic
partner, Palmer, to a recent murder. This routine execution falls apart as Keele struggles with pulling off
his task due to a crisis of conscience. He quickly discovers that his new mark, Peyton, is the most difficult
target of his career. Starring: Shawn Doyle, Josh Cruddas, Alexia Fast

Sunday, Feb 19 (8 p.m.) WickensburgPREMIERE (Canadian, Adventure)
A mother and her young son move to a new small town where they soon discover the town harbors a
dark secret, and it's a race against time to save the town. Starring: Julien Richings, Denise Richards, Sam
Ashe Arnold

Friday, Feb 24 (10 p.m.) Friends Speak season 2 episode 8: Grim Sleeper PREMIERE (True crime,
The chilling case of the Grim Sleeper, a serial killer responsible for at least ten murders over several
decades. Those who knew him best share their personal experiences with him.

Saturday, Feb 25Night Blooms - PREMIERE (Canadian, Drama)
Seventeen-year-old Carly initiates a romantic relationship with her best friend's dad, Wayne. When he
attempts to end the affair, Carly reveals their secret causing Wayne's world to implode, changing her life
and her best friend's life forever. Starring: Jessica Clement, Nick Stahl